Hayley Rudolph Top Model

Hayley Rudolph has always been in the industry almost her entire life. She was apart of various commercials, films, & a TV pilot with her little brother Grant Rudolph while she did modeling on the side. Once she decided at a young age to just pursue modeling instead of acting, she was huge in the kid industry. She has done a lot of modeling work with brand names like Justice, Macys, The Limited, Dillard's, & more. She then moved on to high fashion, runway, editorial, as she began growing up out of childhood. Hayley knows how to make the scene for every photo shoot she does, whether it is underwater, avant garde, elegant, alternative, to runway, she knows exactly what she needs to do and be. She is an extremely versatile person, and can do pretty much any shoot.
She was awarded the Texas Top Model of 2015 and has made quite a name for herself, especially in Texas. Her modeling skills aren’t just for herself, she teaches aspiring to well-known models and actors from ages 2-90 all over the USA. Her Coaching has been used for various fashion shows, modeling camps, and guiding during major photo shoots.
When working with Hayley, you don't just get a professional model that knows what she is doing, but a model who can also do the other jobs needed for a shoot. Hayley always helps with creative directing, brings her unique clothing line 'HAYRUD' for whatever theme, can do her own makeup & hair as she is certified in cosmetology, helps with angles, lighting, & composition, & can help retouch photos after a shoot. Hayley Rudolph is always able to help out on set no matter what the project may be.
Hayley always has a fun, positive attitude on set, and is very outgoing & energetic. You never have to worry about negativity or complaints.


Hayley will help with concepts on shoots, help add an amazing portfolio upgrade for you, & create an amazing shoot no matter what it is.

Her rates vary on assignment, location, etc.
Please contact Hayley with all details of the project you are wanting to book her for.

She does travel, but please get in touch with her in advance before she is fully booked.
Traveled shoots must be fully compensated.

No Nudes
Escort Required