HAYRUD Model Boot Camp


Where: Euless, TX (In the middle of Fort Worth & Dallas) Address will be sent when saved reservation.

There is so much more to modeling than just looking pretty. You must be personable, ambitious, and business savvy, of course, but you must also have a particular set of skills—skills that not even the top supermodels were born with.

It’s no wonder that many models find themselves attending modeling classes. What better way to learn the tricks of the trade than by taking classes designed specifically for models, right? Whether you are an experienced model who just needs a little more training, or aspiring model to be, there is no need to ever feel ashamed or embarrassed on taking a class to give you that advantage in the industry. 

What will be taught? 

  • The types of modeling - Runway, fashion, commercial, editorial, etc.

  •  Photoshoots - What to expect on set, how to pose, how to work the camera, facial expression, "smize"

  •  Posture & walking - How to achieve a confident walk on the runway & in general

  •  Makeup & Hair - Professional tips &?tricks to enhance your own unique look

  •  Model basics - The business side of the industry (contracts, pay, etc.), auditions/go-sees, model bags, portfolios, comp cards

  •  Health - Nutrition, fitness, & a positive body image/ how to work with the critiques & standards

  •  Safety - Self-defense, avoiding scams, & protecting yourself from dangerous situations

We will be teaching in many different ways such as games, competitions, questionnaires, etc. Every way will always be fun, but tactful. Expect to let loose & a lot of laughter! 

We do not teach basic tricks & tips that you could just find anywhere. We teach LESSONS of real situations that is pushing far beyond & helping every model out whether you are experienced or aspiring! We are here to help bring your modeling level to extreme from where ever you are starting out. 

The workshop will be 5 hours, it is intensive training & will be a true learning experience. There will be breaks in between & snacks during the class. 

This workshop will also provide:

• Digitals (Photos used to submit) 

• List of recommended photographers, designers, etc.

• Networking

• Credit on resumes for being a "taught" model

 Everybody can do anything they dream if they work hard enough & believe in themselves! 



- Female class only, if you are a male & interested, we will be having a male class soon. Please email for more info.

- Ages 14-30 (If you are older than 30, I teach private classes that are specifically guidelined for your age group & how to get into the youthful modeling area as well) 

- There are no height requirements, but we will be teaching though that if you are under 5'8 it is harder, but it's not impossible! Their are a lot of models I work with who are 5'5 & shorter! It's all about giving the illusion that your body is longer, which we will teach all about to you. 

- You must be respectful of others & never make anyone feel uncomfortable. You are all here to learn & grow from this class, everyone is in it together. 

- If you are under the age of 17, a parent or guardian must sign you in & it is recommended that they stay for the workshop to listen to the safety guidelines as well. 


*What To Bring*

• Notebooks, Binder, or Notepad (Please no computers)

• Pens, Highlighters, Pencils

• Make up (Foundation, Mascara, Eyebrow Pencil/Filler) 

• Black Tank Top 

• Black Leggings

• Your tallest heels (preferably 5 in & up) 

• Black Socks 

• Your comfiest heels (preferably 4 in & up) 

• Hair completely off face or in ponytail 

• Hairbrush 

• Snacks

• Water

• Jeans

• Black Short Shorts 

     Optional: Solid color Bikini (for digitals) 

•                •                 •                 •                  •               


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We hope that you are ready to learn & take as many notes as possible! 

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