HAYLEY RUDOLPH

                                                                             MODEL . CLOTHING DESIGNER . DIRECTOR . WRITER . PLANNER . ARTIST . TEACHER . COSPLAYER




Author: “Nosferdolphu” by Hayley Rudolph, is an alternative style poetry book created by Hayley, filled with random poems, drawings, thoughts, metaphors, etc You can buy her book on the “Products” tab.

Cosplay: Hayley Rudolph is currently selling cosplay photo sets that she orchestrates together. Creating outfits, sets, photos, editing, cosplay for your favorite characters to come to life. You can request cosplay photo sets, buy cosplays for her to wear, or buy her done photo sets. Hayley goes to many conventions for anime, video games, horror, comics, etc. More info on Cosplay can be under the “Enterprises” tab or you can check out her “Photo Sets” tab! Any questions regarding cosplay can be sent on the contact page or HayleyLRudolph@gmail.com

Filming: Hayley is currently writing, directing, creating many different films and shorts. More info on these films will be added soon. Until then, you can subscribe to her youtube,: HayleyRudolph. or check her Instagram stories for updates.

Hayley Rudolph - Model, Actress, Teacher, Designer, Planner, Writer, Artist, Director, and Animal Activist. A wonder women of the industry.

Hayley Rudolph has always been in the industry since she was a little girl. She was a part of various commercials, films, & a TV pilot with her little brother Grant Rudolph. She has done a lot of modeling work with brand names like Justice and Macys as a kid, then moved on to high fashion, runway, editorial, and so much more. Hayley knows how to make the scene for every photo shoot she does, whether it is underwater, high fashion, elegant, alternative, to runway, she knows exactly what she needs to do and be. She is an extremely versatile person, and can do pretty much any shoot. She was awarded the Texas Top Model of 2015 and has made quite a name for herself, especially for DFW area. Her modeling skills aren’t just for herself, she teaches aspiring to well-known models and actors from ages 2-90 all over the USA. Her Coaching has been used for various fashion shows, modeling camps, and guiding during major photo shoots. She has orchestrated various events such as the annual Lucid Fashion Show for Dallas fashion week. The show has top Dallas designers, models, and dancers creating a surreal experience for its audience. Think she is already too awesome? Just wait, she has written and directed various short films and starting a new script of a suspense thriller summer of 2017. With her knowledge as a child actress, she picked up a lot of set ideas for do’s and don’ts. She has designed a whole clothing line called HAYRUD that launched in 2016. Designing is another art to Hayley, but she is also an amazing sculptor, painter, and sketcher. She has always loved art and hopes she can find more time to create more pieces. Think there is possibly no more she can do? Hayley is also a huge animal activist and works around the country defending animal rights. She signs at least 12 petitions a day to help various animal cases. She loves animals and hopes to open her own rescue unit someday. She actually owns a pet pig named Wesley, a pug named Guster, & rescued chickens. Hayley wants to open many different businesses, her own agency, clothing store, restaurant, and modeling school. Hayley Rudolph has big plans for the world and can do anything she puts her mind to. She has so many goals to commit to and has accomplished tons already. 

Her work can be very versatile by her experience and face. Her posing skill is very advanced and cooperates greatly with anything. She always becomes the favorite from her talent and personality. She is comfortable and will brighten up your day during a shoot. Not only does she do all that, but spokes work, judges, and presentation work. Hayley Rudolph truly amazes all of Texas, US, & The World. Keep a good eye on her, because she always has big things coming. Want to work with Hayley? Contact her your project! She only does paid projects so feel free to email and ask for her rates.

-By D Magazine